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williamhillMarkham Fair General Manager Todd Silverman,费尔克劳,(williamhillMarkham Fair's  Mascot),  and Markham Fair's 2018 President Doug van Wolde present a cheque to Allan Bell,马卡姆Stouff维尔医院基金会主任和博士。熊计划。[…]

May 9th,二千零一十九 | Markham Community中途 | 0 Comments


希望你的圣诞节能在家人和朋友中找到你,分享这个季节的精神。The Markham and Stoufville Santa Claus parades were both well attended.我们希望我们的漂浮物是…

December 21st,二千零一十八 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments

Thank You For A Wonderful 2018 Fair

The williamhillMarkham Fair Board of Directors,代表工作人员和数百名志愿者,感谢所有相关人员,又一个成功的一年。williamhillWe are especially grateful to our fair [...]

10月4日,二千零一十八 | 农业食品吸引Markham Community中途旧日新方式主题 | 0 Comments

Rotary Club of Markham and Unionville Raffle Winner

Congratulations to the 50/50 winner of the Markham-Unionville Rotary Club Draw The winning number is: #A-2084175 $5880 50% of Draw Proceeds Support Rotary Markham-Unionville Club Rotary - MAKING A DIFFERENCE Solving real problems takes [...]

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祝贺莎拉·马斯特,williamhillMarkham Fair Ambassador for 2018

我叫莎拉·马斯特,今年20岁。I grew up on a small hobby farm where my love for animals and farming started to grow.I have been going to the [...]

9月28日,二千零一十八 | 大使比赛Markham Community | 0 Comments

采访:Laura Empringham,2017年williamhill马卡姆博览会大使

我们在马卡姆博览会上williamhill很幸运有机会坐下来采访劳拉·恩普林厄姆,the 2017 Head Ambassador for the williamhillMarkham Fair.Laura has recently graduated from a sister college [...]

8月27日,二千零一十八 | 大使比赛Markham Community | 0 Comments


Look for a Section from the获奖书籍.选择与您的条目匹配的部分和最佳类。填写适当的报名表.请务必阅读一般规章制度.把表格带到马克汉姆交易会办公室9月13日或之前,2018,晚上8点,有适当的条目

Rental Facilities

williamhill马卡姆集市,位于约克地区,可容纳各种功能和聚会。我们是大型贸易和消费展览以及企业庆典的举办地,concerts,banquets and other special events.