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Michelle Hulshof – President of williamhillMarkham Fair,2019

Michelle Hulshof – President of williamhillMarkham Fair,2019

On behalf of the Markham and East York Agricultural Society,it is my honour to welcome you all to the 175th williamhillMarkham Fair.What an amazing milestone we have to celebrate this year!

Our vision at williamhillMarkham Fair is to "be a vibrant community partner,in the celebration and promotion of agriculture,农村生活和可持续发展,“在我们周围不断变化的社区,it is a joy to be able to showcase so many agricultural exhibits and competitions.It is amazing to think that the traditions of our founding fathers are still occurring today,nearly two centuries later.In addition to our livestock,crop,and produce exhibits,we are very proud of our educational displays and hands on learning exhibits that educate and promote the importance that agriculture plays in our everyday lives.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our countless volunteers who tirelessly work to put on the largest four-day fair in Canada.Without these amazing and dedicated volunteers,the Fair would not be possible.

williamhillMarkham Fair would not be the same without our talented exhibitors who put copious hours and training into their exhibits;from livestock projects,to school children's art,quilting,and baking and preserves.I would like to extend a sincere thank you for bringing life to our buildings and displays,and showcasing parts of our long heritage,with your talents.

Our committees work hard all year long looking for exciting new attractions that will entice fair goers of all ages to williamhillMarkham Fair,and to have you coming back for years to come.On behalf of the Board of Directors,we invite you to come on out as we celebrate 175 years of traditions,all the while making new memories.


Michelle Hulshof – President of williamhillMarkham Fair,2019

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