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The following rules and regulations apply to all sections in this Prize Book.Additional rules and regulations applicable to a specific section or group of sections are noted as required elsewhere in this book.

Violation Of Rules

Any exhibitor who violates any of the following rules or any rules printed in any of the sections of the Prize Book shall be liable,upon the decision of the Executive Committee,to the forfeiture of any and all prizes,prize money and awards which may have been awarded to the exhibitor as well as any entry fees that may have been paid,whether for any entry shown before or after such violation and such exhibitor may be barred from showing at the williamhillMarkham Fair for such period as the Executive may determine.


All exhibits shall be under the control and direction of the Society but solely at the risk of the exhibitor.The Society will not be responsible for damage,injury,任何展品丢失或被盗,不管造成这种损害的原因是什么,伤害或盗窃。各参展商将对其展出的任何物品负全部责任,并应赔偿协会因此而遭受的所有法律或其他诉讼。


williamhill马卡姆博览会委员会成员将在马卡姆博览会期间拍摄各种活动。所拍摄的图像可供Markham Fair用于记录,williamhillMarkham Fair的广告和推广。williamhill通过参加马克姆博览会的比赛,williamhill您同意仅由Markham Fair使用您的照片。williamhill


报名表的截止日期为September 19th,2019 by 8:00 p.m.除非对特定章节另有说明。This date will be strictly enforced.报名表只在办公室接受May 27th,二千零一十九– September 19th,2019。


All entries must be made on official entry forms and in accordance with instructions on same,或者在奖品册上,提供所有要求的信息。Each exhibitor must have his/her own entry form.如果需要额外的表格,可从Markham Fair网站www.markham fairwilliamhill.ca下载或从Markham Fair办公室获取。每一份报名表必须由参展商签字,并转发至Markham Fair Office(除非另有说明),以便收到。williamhillon or by September 19th 2019,8:00 p.m.(进入标签应在下周四前准备好取车)。2019年9月19日之后,不能接受其他条目或条目更改。.

Exhibitor Entry Fee

All exhibitors are required to pay a $5.00 exhibitor fee.All exhibitors will pay 25 cents per entry (unless otherwise stated).This money must accompany your entry form.请给马克汉姆集市开支票。williamhill签证万事达卡接受10.00美元或以上。


Payment Of Prize Money

Prize money will be paid by cheque and mailed within 60 days after the close of the williamhillMarkham Fair.No payment of prize money will be made at Fair time.

Applying For Prize Money

Exhibitors who do not receive their prize money by December 1st,2019 should apply in writing to the Secretary Treasurer,williamhillMarkham Fair Office,12月10日或之前,2019。




Any exhibitor lodging a protest must make it in writing.This protest must be received by the williamhillMarkham Fair Office before 6:00 p.m.on the date in which the entry concerned was shown,or no later than the last day of the Fair.必须随附5.00美元的押金,如果上述抗议没有持续,押金将被没收。(所有马的押金为25美元,cattle,绵羊和山羊部分。)

Arrival Of Exhibits

All exhibits must be in place,清除所有非相关材料后,at the times stated for that particular Section or group of Sections.这些展品必须保留在原处,直至被授权移走为止。任何违反本规则的行为将导致没收参展商的所有保费。迟到者不允许参加比赛。

Offensive Or Dangerous Exhibits



Committee Chairpersons are responsible for making sure that their Judges are familiar with all Rules and Regulations pertaining to williamhillMarkham Fair in general and to their Section in particular.


法官不得将奖品颁给不值钱的展品。Markham Fair的目的是对不应获得此类奖励的物williamhill品不给予任何区别或溢价。


由于展品数量或质量低劣,在同一类别中没有任何竞争,the Judge will exercise his/her discretion as to whether a 1st,2nd or any premium will be awarded.不允许打领带。

Decision Of Judges/Committee

No exhibitor shall interfere with the judges,Committee Members or judging process in any way,nor shall said exhibitor permit any agent or anyone working on his behalf to show disrespect to any Judge.法官的决定在所有案件中均为最终决定,except where fraud,虚假陈述或共谋被证实。在这种情况下,the Executive Committee shall make the final decision.


Two passes per exhibitor will only be available at the same time that exhibits are brought in to the appropriate building location.委员会成员将在入场券的存根上盖章,然后参展商将带到总公司取回通行证。

Prize Ribbons

Prize ribbons shall be awarded accordingly:1st–红色,
2日– blue,3rd–白色,4th–黄色,5th–绿色,第六– pink.


如果天气不好,with a consequent loss in gate receipts,the Society reserves the right to pay a percentage of the prize money.


No pets are allowed on the Fair Grounds,除了:宠物参加一个公平的活动,which must be leashed;以及帮助残疾人所需的用皮带拴住的工作动物。


社会不会对任何错误负责,printing or otherwise,在这本获奖书中。


Markham&East York Agricultural Society(“Marwilliamhillkham Fair”)致力于保持准确性,个人信息的安全和隐私。Please visit our website for complete Privacy Policy details.



As Exhibitors and Volunteers,we are all in a position to set a good example for all visitors to our Fair Grounds.




Look for a Section from the获奖书籍.选择与您的条目匹配的部分和最佳类。填写适当的报名表.请务必阅读一般规章制度.把形成马卡姆公平的办公室9月13日或之前,2018,晚上8点,有适当的条目

Rental Facilities

williamhill马卡姆集市,位于约克地区,可容纳各种功能和聚会。我们是大型贸易和消费展览以及企业庆典的举办地,concerts,banquets and other special events.